JKorean -Fine Korean Dining

Authentic Korean Dishes



J Korean is owned and operated by former fashion designer Julia Kwon. She came to Newfoundland in 1991 with her family. Selection of the furniture and arrangement of decorations in the restaurant reflect her intention to harmonize local flavor and Korean tradition. She is in and around the restaurant most of the time to help her clients, especially new ones, make the right choice considering their eating preferences.


This 120-year-old heritage building has seen many residents and businesses in it but never been a restaurant before. It’s been converted to have main dining area, kitchen and bar/counter.

It has direct view of the War Memorial and St. John’s harbor through the bay windows.


Not many Korean dishes taste spicy or are offered hot, contrary to common misunderstanding. You will be freshly surprised to find the variety of dishes in the menu with different raw material, tastes and processes they are cooked with. Everyone with different taste can come and try what she/he feels like to. All dishes have one thing in common: they are made/cooked without any grease or MSG. You feel full but no burden on your stomach.